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Catherine Duranceau

Catherine Duranceau

Born and raised in NDG, Catherine Duranceau brings all the energy to the airwaves. She's a mom that gets things done with high energy and all the fun!

Catherine started her broadcasting career in 2014 as a web reporter covering local and international events, like Canada Stars and Cannes Film Festival. She later moved on to start a career in local television, where she hosted MAtv on the South Shore of Montreal and later worked as a weather reporter for Quebecors and Météo Média.

With an interest in radio broadcasting, Catherine continued her journey by hosting shows in Longueuil and St-Jerome and then finally... made her way back to her hometown in Montreal at The Beat 92.5! 

Join her on Evenings with Catherine D starting at 7pm and again on The Weekend Party Jam every Friday and Saturday starting at 5pm!

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